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Drain Services

Main Sewer Line

Using a Cable & Cutter

We use a 6" cutter when able.

Hydro Jet Main Sewer Line

Includes a Televised Color Inspection of Main Sewer Line.

Power Wash Pipes Clean - Removing GREASE & ROOTS
  with a much more thorough result than a cable and cutter.

DVD recording of the before & after is included if requested.

Average time required for this service is 2 - 3 hours.

Televised Inspections

(Excellent tool if you are buying a house and would like
 to see the condition on the main sewer line before the deal closes.) 

We use a color, self leveling camera for superior quality.

Service includes a Quality Report.      




Some urinals must be removed from the wall to clear the drain line.


Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink could be clogged because of a blockage underneath your basement floor.