Latin Rooter                                                 


Latin Rooter Plumbing is the right choice for plumbing system installation, maintenance, and repair services. We are licensed to provide professional plumbing services by the city of Ottawa, ON, and by state of Ontario. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the finest quality of plumbing and drain restoration services.
We have invested massively in the training of our plumbers and in the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment to enable us to provide the best services possible. All our plumbers have the training, skills, and experience to cater to all your plumbing fixtures and main sewer line installation and repair needs.
With tons of professional experience under our belts, we are familiar with every aspect of the plumbing process. We know how to clean your drains and service your plumbing fixtures so that you can enjoy better performance from your plumbing and drainage systems and fewer emergencies in the long run. Despite our wealth of experience and exquisite expertise, we are constantly adding the latest innovations and most efficient techniques to our toolbox so that we can serve you better.
With the experts at Latin Rooter Plumbing by your side, all your plumbing system installation, maintenance, and repair worries will be a thing of the past. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that we are around the corner to take care of all their water use and drainage needs and challenges. Got a plumbing emergency? Call us today!